Why are the Bones Episodes so Popular?


Bones is one of the most popular shows for the audiences of Fox Network. The series centers on the life and work of a forensic scientist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, nicknamed Bones due to her work, which involves solving crimes post inspection of bones of the victims. There is a different case in each episode, which is why the interest of the audiences is retained. In Bones TV show, you will find that most of the cases are based on fictional situations.

Bones often solves the cases single handedly, as she is able to tell a lot of things about the person, after examining the dead body. She is able to find out facts about the dead person’s relationships and activities during his/her lifetime. The show is not entirely serious, but it does have a tinge of humor.

If you Watch Bones Online, you will find that it somewhat similar to CSI and The X-Files. But these shows are much more serious than Bones and besides they do not focus on the development of character as much. The Bones audience is divided on the originality of the show, because some find it original, while others are of the opinion that it is inspired.

Like most other shows, Bones also has its share of sexual tension.

The audience wants Bones and her FBI partner, Seely Booth, to get into a relationship. The role of Booth is played by David Boreanaz of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and  Angel Fame.

David’s semi-comic role in the Bones Episodes perfectly balances the cool and overly-rational character of Bones. He makes it certain that Bones focuses on romance also and not just on her job. This feature is most common in romantic comedies and is rarely found in the crime genre. That is what makes the show more popular, as it has a combination audience.

Another reason for the popularity of the show is that the lead character is a strong female, who is depicted in a non traditional way. Bones has all the qualities required in a lead character – confidence, power and attractiveness! She is quite good at her job and is a role model for younger girls, who would like to adopt her lifestyle.

Bones has also emerged as a successful series, because it does not primarily focus on romantic interludes; like in Grey’s Anatomy, where the stress is more on relationships rather than the practice of medicine. Bones TV Show focuses more on criminal investigations and pushes the sexual tension to the background.

Lastly, Bones seems to be more realistic, as the script has been developed after a lot of research on real forensic activities. All the effort seems to have paid off, and today there are innumerable fans of this show.